Hona Kai Villas Rental Agreement

 Credit  Card Account Number 


Name on Card
Billing Address
Expiration date
CVV Number
Bank issuing card
Bank Phone
Drivers License #
Credit Card number must be given for incidentals and it is not used unless damages or excess cleaning charges apply.
This agreement must be returned within 10 days of date received.


I (WE), the undersigned, renting the above named property for vacation or recreational purposes, agree to the following conditions:

1.  I (WE) are responsible for full payment for the entire rental period; a 50% Deposit being due with the return of this Agreement, and the Balance being due 30 days prior to occupancy. Payments must be made by check, money order, travelers check, or VISA and MasterCard credit cards.

2. Reservation is not confirmed until the Rental Agreement has been returned and the Deposit cleared.

3. Failure to make payments when due will result in cancellation of this Agreement.

4. If I (WE) cancel our reservation after it has been confirmed, Owner will make every attempt to re-book  MY (OUR) reservation.  If the reservation is re-booked, I (WE) will be refunded 90% of the Total Due.  If the reservation cannot be re-booked, monies will be refunded based on Occupancy dates as stated below.  I (WE) agree that if there is a Balance Due when canceling within 30 or 45 days of the Occupancy date per the schedule below, MY (OUR) credit card will be charged for the Balance Due;  or, if I (WE) are paying by check or money order,  I (WE) will promptly submit the Balance Due.                                                                                     
90 or more days prior to Occupancy:  90% Refund
31-59 days prior  to Occupancy:  50% Refund
45 days prior to Occupancy during Holiday period:  No Refund
30 days prior to Occupancy:  No Refund
5. If I (WE) do not personally inspect the premises prior to signing this Agreement, I (WE) agree to accept the rental property upon arrival, provided it meets the basic description as listed in the Vacation Rentals by Owners (VRBO) web site. In addition, I (WE) agree that we will not be entitled to a refund or rent money, nor relocation to another property, and will have no claim or recourse against the Owner.

6.  Telephone toll calls are not included in the rental fee. All toll calls must be charged to personal credit  card or calling card.

7.  Owner or Owner's Agent may enter the premises immediately in the event of an emergency, in order to perform necessary repairs and/or maintenance;  and with 24 hours notice, for normal maintenance or to show a prospective renter.

8. Occupancy (including small children, infants and visitors) is not to exceed 6 persons. If more than the maximum number is found to be Occupying the leased property, I (WE) agree that a charge of $50.00 per person will be made to MY (OUR) credit card, or, if I (WE) are paying by check or money order,  I (WE) will promptly submit the monies due.   Additionally,  this Agreement may be immediately terminated without refund.

9. Occupancy of RV campers and/or tents on the premises is forbidden.

10. Only homeowners are allowed to have pets on the premises – no exceptions.

11. I (WE) shall be responsible for all damage or breakage and/or loss to the premises, except normal wear and tear and unavoidable casualties which may result from Occupancy.

12. The property will be left in the same good and habitable condition. Any damages or notable conditions found upon arrival will be reported to the Owner within one (1) hour of Occupancy. Otherwise, I (WE) agree that repair costs for any pre-existing damages may be posted to MY (OUR) credit card, or, if I (WE) are paying by check or money order,   I (WE) will promptly submit the monies due.                                            
13. I (WE) acknowledge any loss and/or damage to the Unit will result in a charge to MY (OUR) credit card, or, if I (WE) are paying by check or money order,  I (WE) will promptly submit the monies due. 

14. The Owner shall provide utilities, furniture and fixtures, linens and towels.

15. Prior to vacating Unit, Tenant is responsible to remove all trash and recyclables, ensure all dishes and cookware are clean, and return any furniture that was moved to its original position. Beds should not be ‘stripped’, and towels should not be ‘piled’ when you vacate the unit.

16. Owner shall not be liable to Tenant, Tenant's guests, licensees or invitees or any other person for any injury, loss, or damage to any person or property on or about the premises. Tenant shall hold Owner harmless and indemnified from and against all loss or damage occasioned by the use or misuse or abuse of any part of the premises and from or against any omission, neglect, or default of Tenant, his guest, licensees or invitees.

This Agreement may not be assigned or the property sublet, and is for Tenant's use only.